Best Student - Teacher Ratio

Understanding Sight Words

Sight words, often also called high-frequency sight words, are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight so that they can automatically recognize these words in print.

Learning is Fun at Kidsworld

Children need to have fun with learning to stay motivated. To keep students happy while making the most of precious instruction time, we let them play games like blocks and puzzles. Kids are also encouraged to take part in arts and craft activities such as origami, vegetable and blow painting, scrap paper pasting, and nest making.

Learning Motor Skill Movements

Motor skills such as hopping, standing on one foot, crawling through a maze are first demonstrated to the kids and then the kids are given an opportunity to copy the teacher. Sufficient space and equipment are provided in our schools for Motor Skill Development

Tiny Blooms Value Chain


Highest Priority for Safety

Safety of the kids is our topmost priority and we ensure that all the furniture and equipment used are child-friendly. All classrooms and activity areas are continuously monitored.


Parents Role

We understand the importance of Parents’ role in early education. We therefore encourage the participation of parents in all activities.


Professional Counselling:

We have a professional counselor on our panel to guide parents in dealing with problems faced by kids.


Differently Abled Children

We ensure extra support and care for our differently abled children.


Feedback from Parents

Feedback from parents is necessary for the improvement in service.



Regular assignments are given to the children and they are encouraged to seek solutions through web research rather than simply copying from the textbooks.



Besides regular textbooks, we make use of multimedia and IT based techniques.


Nutritious Snacks at School

We provide best quality snacks to kids.

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